The Corporate Travel Management Guidance!

This is the complete solution of understanding the business travel that is taken by corporate companies in respect of their officials, employees, clients, management etc. We offer complete understanding of the Business Travel Management, the expense behavior, spending ratio, safety and insights. This way the corporate companies are always up-to-date with the travel expenses they incur as well as the ways in which they can minimize them.

Business Travel Management

Business Travel Management is a term which includes in its receptacle a lot of understanding about the corporate employees travel, the policies followed, levels of approvals for the designated travels, the rates, tie-ups, travel partners etc for making business related travel effective and cost-friendly. This covers some of the listed aspects like:

Travel Stratagem

The travel policies of the company which frames the travel options and rules for travelers travelling for company needs!

Approval Hierarchy

In a typical company there are various levels which decide on the approvals for business related travels.

Travel Annexure and Reporting

This is the accounting of the company’s travel summary where every detail about the travel is noted to analyze the way business money is spent or utilized by the employee and if the travel policies have been adhered to.


Basically some companies’ tie-up with the travel service providers like airlines, hotels etc. directly to chart specific fares and rates for the business related travel because they are frequent. They get discounts and offers on their travel frequencies and tenders.

Zeeyarah Business

Zeeyarah Business is the ultimate solution to the business travel related queries. With the help of technological tools, travel plans, professional insight and guidance, we provide complete solution to business travel management visions. Zeeyarah Business makes the travel management plan without manual hassles and devices the travel solutions in a computerized way by moulding it into a simple booking process eradicating the typical manual approvals and replacing them with the messages and emails. We directly connect with a huge range of travel service providers like Saudi Arabia Airlines, Emirates, Fly Dubai, Indigo, American airlines etc with the help of our IT service provider TPConnects. We also partner with Hotels and distribution suppliers worldwide to make reservations for the corporate sector and manage their travel and trips with close agreement of their policies and travel budgets. vs Zeeyarah Business!

Indeed both the and Zeeyarah Business have been connected to the travel industry and its technology which provide its customers with the insights of travelling and bookings with a dedicated customer care service which is reachable 24*7. But this is all that is common between them, the rest is here! This table illustrates some of the key differences Zeeyarah Business
Is designed for any traveler Is designed for Corporate Travelers
Customers from anywhere in the world Corporate employees or Travel Coordinator whose companies have contractual deals with Zeeyarah Business
General Travel Policies Customized travel policies according to the Company’s policies. Company travel policy is communicated visually to travelers when they book online, and to Travel Coordinators
Personal itinerary details Collection of travel bookings, analyzing, collection and reporting of travel bookings to the company via reporting system online
No support for negotiation of fares Fares pre-negotiated as per the company rules. Full support for company-negotiated agreements.
No Guidance – User Liability Complete guidance on travel bookings and services with managing accounts and reporting

Does Corporate Travel Management suit our company?

There is no specific rule of finding out if the company needs business travel needed guidance or not, but the corporate companies which have huge travel expenses round the year is bound to find it more management friendly and cost effective.

How to decide of the business needs Business Travel Management?

It basically depends on the number of travels taken during the year and the cost incurred because of it. More the number more is the need to manage them!

10 or less travelers | SAR100,000 or less spent in a year This accounts for a smaller travel story and hence there is not much to manage. The company hasn’t tied up with any travel agencies and books tickets on the normal way on However future prospects would involve business travel management as the cost and number of travel shall increase with progress and Zeeyarah Business will serve the best.

More than 10 travelers | SAR 100,000 and more spent in a year With the number of travel involved there is a need to bring reporting and transparency in the travel plans and the expenses incurred. Tools like analytics, designed rates, reporting etc will help in cutting down the cost and effectively managing the travels when in close connection with Zeeyarah Business. Negotiating with the travel rates and hotel bookings would bring cost effectiveness and good deals with guidance on travel plans.

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Our features:

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  • Online reporting via mails
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