Travel Plans for Business related Travels

We are your business travel partners as we understand the business travel problems. We plan your trip and take care of every amenity right from booking the tickets to checking in to a hotel, your travel with us is safe and planned without glitches.

Hassle free booking

Planning, booking and managing your business travel is easy and hassle free with us as we provide a huge choice of airlines, hotels, and vehicle options for your perusal. Zeeyarah travel consultant will make your trip and booking as easy as a holiday.

Advances Business Solutions

With the use of modern technological tools, Zeeyarah Business brings in advanced methods for making business related travel more planned, organized, efficient, cost-effective and hassle free for the corporate companies. The use of these tools makes us assume the pattern of travel, the expenditure, analyze and plan your trip so that right from booking your tickets, to airport check-ins, hotel stays and meeting etc becomes more analyzed to bring down the cost. With the 24*7 service Zeeyarah Business is by your side at all your trips!

Marginal Rates

With the varied airlines and hotel service providers connected with Zeeyarah Business, we provide the most corporate-friendly and exclusive rates for the airfare and hotels. Being one of the largest online travel booking sites we have managed to make up a data base of unique service providers who are constantly at your service to make your travel experience better each day. We negotiated the fare and rates on behalf of our clients and bring to them the best deals according to their requirements.

Arranging your Travels

Whether it be one or many, Zeeyarah Business is your guide to make the best of travel arrangements with complete knowledge of every aspect about the travel you would want to take. Booking experience with Zeeyarah Business is always a experience.

Travel Scripts and Bills

When you partner with Zeeyarah Business, we take care of all the travel details history and analyze it for you to have a better managed travel by maintaining your profile. All of your travels, preferences, places of travel, and your eligibilities are stored in our data to make the future experiences even better.

Changes while on-the-go

When you are out on your travel, it is always easy to change, alter or re-plan your travel while being there. Zeeyarah Business helps you update your itineraries with updated, altered or exchanged booking options to make your trip a successful one. So if there is a change in the travel plan, you need not worry!

Guest Travel Options

With guest travel accounts, Zeeyarah business offers a complete solution to booking non-company related bookings for you. Booking tickets for clients, vendors and family is also easy by logging in to these guest travel accounts and finding a range of air and hotels which can be booked on pre-pay basis.

Best for the Travel Managers

Zeeyarah Business makes you choose from the best of travel plans and ideal ways for planning, organizing as well as improving control over their compliance and cost. This is the ideal way for managers to keep delighting their employees with newer travel options and deals as well as look after the company travel policies without straining on brains.

Travel Compliance

With the set policies from the company, there is always tension of complying with the travel policies of the company and there are cases where they get missed. With Zeeyarah Business complying with the travel policies of the company comes easy as Zeeyarah Business communicates the policy rules each time a booking is made and even when any policy is found deviated with.

Online Reporting Anywhere Anytime

Zeeyarah Business provides you with the 24*7 on-demand online reporting facilities in the form of graphs, reports, and charts. Which helps you with analyzing your travel plans, have real-time data, and time-managed reporting of the travels taken giving you ample opportunities to plan better and grab the opportunities with ease. Zeeyarah Business helps you administer and take better decisions for your Business related Travels.

Best travel stories from the Industry

With the use of modern techniques and methods we provide the best of industry standards and travel bookings which are prevalent with millions of travelers worldwide. Being an ace travel service provider in the industry one is always assured of Zeeyarah Business Solutions and expertise in arranging and leveraging the leading travel arrangements anywhere in the world.

The ultimate result-oriented Business Travel Management

Zeeyarah Business is the ultimate Business Travel solution which helps you reduce your business related travel expenses, brings you best of deals and manages your travel history and savings program to help you comply with the travel policies, make savings and expend less on travel.

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Our features:

  • Technological tools for travel analysis and management
  • Professional travel executives
  • Negotiated air and hotel rates
  • 24*7 customer service
  • Travel guidance
  • Online reporting via mails
  • Approvals on Mobile App

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