If you have been passionate about bringing travel solutions to travelers worldwide and have expertise in providing travel related services to your customers, then let’s join hands in making of the biggest travelling program in the Middle East. Zeeyarah Business believes in providing exclusive travel relates solutions to its corporate customers by bringing in the online user-friendly technological tools which prove effective in creating a committed Business Travel Management Program that works best for a company.

We are always on a lookout for providing valued services by partnering with trusted partners who have strong market presence and have dynamic travel insights. With Zeeyarah Business B2B relations one is required to commit to the following:

  • Cost-effective travels: With smarter travel plans designing Travels which are pocket-friendly and yet the best in the industry
  • Promotions: Creating more market opportunities and fame through valued service and no added cost
  • Round the clock service: Unstoppable and unhindered dedication to provide customers their needed help anytime of the day, week or month.
  • Partners: Association with Zeeyarah Business brings inherent needs to report the needs of the market and the new updates that needs reporting
  • Efficiency and Dedication: Respecting the customer’s privacy and discretion by upbringing Zeeyarah Business reputation

Zeeyarah Business is a comprehensive travel solutions platform with an inventory for almost 400 and more airlines (Direct Connection to the airline host systems and through GDS (Amadeus & Sabre)) plus a networking of 380,000 hotels and 18000 apartments from world with wholesale rates and safety criteria for customers. Zeeyarah Business B2B partnership brings you access to our services and arrange your own mark up for booking and managing tickets and other services online. The technological tool enables one to decide markups, communicate with sub-agents and to the customer in the end.

Customer Complaints: Your complaints and feedbacks are important to us. Although we would not like to raise one, but if any, shall be responded within 7 days and shall be solved within just working days. Smiling faces are all we look forward to! If you have the expertise and think that you shall make it to the Zeeyarah B2B Partner, then do get in touch with us at :


  • 24*7 access to Zeeyarah round the year
  • Connection to almost 400 airlines, more than 380,000 hotels and 18000 apartments worldwide
  • Real Time Booking
  • Wholesale rates on a continuous basis
  • Interactive guide to travel information
  • Mark-up flexibility choices with distribution rights
  • Online reporting and analyzing
  • XML Interface
  • Branded Vouchers and association rights
  • E-Commerce facilities

Helps in optimizing business travel

On the way to become the most preferred retail travelling portal in Middle East, we have connection with the best of travel trade agents, suppliers, vendors and travel service providers who have valuable mapping expertise, professional guidance and advanced technological tools to practice intelligent trend impacts and analytics. Combining with such valuable industry standards, Zeeyarah B2B strives to optimize commercial travelling performance and make analysis and management easier for B2B agents.

With deep insights of market study and future trends, we are always ready with a strong service system, which helps adopt and quickly respond to the changing travel trends and get equipped with it. Beneficial both for us and the corporate!

Distinguished Portfolio

Living up the competition and being successful needs distinguish out of the box performance! And this is why Zeeyarah Business gives its dedication in giving the best of industry travel options with optimized services to build up a distinguish portfolio for your business travel. Offering some of the exclusive travel products and services in preferable rates, we aim to give you powerful lead in the Business Travel plans negotiating the best deals with the travel service providers.

By offering you some of the most differentiated techniques, tools and services we aim to break the general rulings and create new benchmark of online travel dynamics.

Our Services

With a committed and dedicated team available at your service, Zeeyarah B2B aims to provide valued service, feedbacks, responses and quick solutions at the least time possible.

We promise to live by your expectations and be your helping hand by guaranteed response to each mail that comes our way, within 24 hours.

Emergencies: Hotel bookings and airlines tickets are the most flexible and troubling reservations when it comes to travel. Making efforts to not let you face any glitch, we provide on-the-spot services for emergencies where the dispute, if any, shall be solved within 60 minutes. So all the book outs, travel inconveniences, hotel problems, flight missed etc. shall stand solved within an hour of reporting.

Evolving through time

As time passes, world gets updated on technology and travels. And we strive to nail the every changing market conditions and travel methods to provide the best service with the help of integrated IT Partners.

Our Partners are Dual Level 3 IATA New Distribution Capability Certified with expertise in travel technology to make the customer’s experience fast, intuitive and user-friendly at all times.

Meet over a cup of coffee to discuss Zeeyarah Business policies and how Zeeyarah Business manages company travel expenses

Our features:

  • Technological tools for travel analysis and management
  • Professional travel executives
  • Negotiated air and hotel rates
  • 24*7 customer service
  • Travel guidance
  • Online reporting via mails
  • Approvals on Mobile App

Get in touch with us through our mail ID: or call our customer service executive.

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